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Retired Police Officer                                        Taxpayer Advocate                                        Successful Reformer                                        Progressive Democrat                                        Proud Parent                                        Homeowner & Taxpayer                                        Labor Leader                                        Honest & Outspoken


Perth Amboy Councilman Ken Balut is a
candidate in the 2009 Democratic primary
election for Governor of New Jersey.

Ken Balut's candidacy is founded on a
belief in democracy and the core values
that make the Democratic Party great.

Retired after 25 years as a police officer,
Balut was president of PBA Local 13 for
eight years and a state PBA delegate for
six years. In May, he was part of a successful
reform slate in the Perth Amboy municipal
election that ousted an entrenched,
dual-office-holding politician who had
been mayor for 18 years.

Balut has demonstrated valor as a uniformed
officer on the streets and also displayed the
kind of moral courage described by Robert F.
Kennedy as, "...a rarer commodity than
bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it
is the one essential, vital quality for those
who seek to change a world which yields
most painfully to change.

A middle-class taxpayer advocate, Ken Balut is a stark contrast with the incumbent, a former Wall Street CEO.  Democrat Ken Balut is working to earn your support, but this campaign is not about Ken Balut, it is about you.

This election is about whether New Jersey needs a new direction, if people matter more than political power brokers, and how we take responsibilty by provoking change when our elected leaders refuse to do so.

Jon Corzine cannot be trusted because he is reckless with money. The former Wall Street CEO can only be stopped in the Democratic primary, because no Republican has gotten 50 percent or more in a statewide New Jersey election in the last 20 years.

The Democratic primary election on June 2 is our only chance to eliminate the arrogance, incompetence and dishonesty from our state government.

If it were impossible to win, it would still be right for some real Democrat to challenge the multimillionaire who is leading this state to ruin...  but it is not crazy nor impossible. It is democracy, it is the Democratic Party and it is you.

Viral growth is possible when you invite your friends to join this group and ask them to invite their friends to join, too.  New Jersey's system of public financing in gubernatorial elections means that even a working, middle-class person can wage an effective contest against a self-funded multimillionaire.

Every dollar received from a New Jersey resident will be matched with two dollars from the state, which will give our campaign the means to reach hundreds of thousands of Democrats who vote in primary elections. Democrats like you.

Jon Corzine is reckless with money and out-of-touch with your needs and desires. Just look at the Corzine record:

Gambling away NJ's pension funds
Closing even more hospitals
Ignoring rampant corruption
Protecting unethical, secret emails
Exporting American jobs to China
Abandoning campaign reform

Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

These are the issues. The stakes have never been higher.

About The Democratic Party

Across the nation and throughout New Jersey, Democrats are more united than ever before in the cause of restoring strong and responsible leadership to all levels of government, including the New Jersey State House, our county court houses right on down to city and town halls.

More than ever, New Jerseyans are realizing that the Democratic Party shares the same values and goals that they hold dear:

-Increasing affordable access to health care instead of closing hospitals
-Improving the economic fortunes of all New Jerseyans - not just the wealthy
-Making America stronger at home and more respected in the world
-Providing the opportunity for a high-quality education for every child

Please explore our website to get to know more about our candidate, to find out about upcoming events, and discover your ability to use the power of your citizenship.