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If last year's historic Democratic victory taught us anything, it was that voters who want change must be willing to invest some time, money and effort!

Bucks for Balut
Ken Balut is New Jersey's only real Democratic alternative for Governor.

We are seeking to qualify for public funds for this Democratic primary election challenge of former Wall Street CEO Jon Corzine.  If we can raise $340,000, then our campaign will receive two dollars in public funds for every dollar donated by a New Jersey resident like you.

That means if you contribute $34 -- and 9,999 other New Jersey residents who want to change our state each make the same investment -- Balut's chance for success will be guaranteed and your money will be tripled!

A billionaire's money cannot hide the disastrous record of Jon Corzine from New Jersey voters! Your donation of $34 or $340 -- or even the maximum permitted contribution of $3,400 -- will put New Jersey's Democratic alternative in the spotlight.  

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Balut for Governor may accept up to $3,400.

















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  • I am at least eighteen years old.
  • I am aware that political contributions are not tax deductible.

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This contribution is not refundable after five days. If the Election Fund of Ken Balut does not receive a sufficient number of donations to qualify for public financing under New Jersey law, I understand that my contribution will be deposited with the Central Jersey Democratic Leadership Committee account for use by and at the discretion of CJDLC for any valid purpose permitted under state election laws and the laws of the United States of America.